MIAB strives for a transparent business climate and a high level of business ethics. Our whistleblower function offers an opportunity to confidentially communicate suspected wrongdoing. The service is important to reduce risks and to maintain trust in our business, by enabling us to detect and remedy suspected irregularities at an early stage.

What should you report?

Our whistle-blowing procedure covers reports of crime, irregularities, and violations or other acts that violate EU or national legislation in a work-related context. Which can be fraud, crimes related to health and safety, environmental crimes and privacy crimes. The routine should not be used for personal dissatisfaction or individual disputes.

You do not need to have proof of your suspicion, but all communications must be made in good faith.

We encourage a person who shares their suspicion to be open about their identity. The handling of incoming messages is handled confidentially throughout the process.

Security and protection of personal data

The company uses a third-party system, Visma Draftit, which allows you to report suspected wrongdoing in a safe way, with guaranteed anonymity. You can send your report and also communicate anonymously with the company's investigators via Visma Draftit. The service is outside the company's IT system, and does not track IP addresses or other data that could reveal your identity.


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