Hostess services

Hostess services – for a more comfortable and pleasant everyday life.

A pleasant workplace and a good first impression towards visitors are essential for all companies. We help you create a pleasant and welcoming environment for employees as well as customers and visitors through our hostess service.

Our hostesses take care of everything from dishes, coffee, flowers and replenishing office supplies to hosting your entrance and making sure your premises look clean and tidy. That is, all those tasks that there is a collective responsibility for it to be
done, but which is so difficult to find time for in addition to the regular tasks.

Customized service services

MIAB offers tailor-made hostess services based on your needs at your workplace. Our solutions are adapted to meet your requirements for quality, competence, service and environment. We work with quality and environmental certification and with our many years of experience in delivering cleaning services and workplace services. We are
a responsive partner with a focus on long-term relationships where quality and
security provides well-functioning and pleasant working environments.

Daily care

We take care of the important, daily service that creates well-being and sheep
the workplace to function without friction. Every workplace is unique and all our services are tailored to meet the business in an optimal way.

A selection of what we help with is dishes, coffee, water, flowers,
refilling, picking and fixing as well as hostess services such as entrance host, breakfast host, conference host and more. All our hostesses are social, service-minded and good at seeing what needs to be done to create a pleasant and lovely environment.

Our hostess service includes:

• Being an entrance and/or breakfast host as well as a conference host
• Loading and unloading of disks
• Preparation of conference rooms
• Replenishment of office supplies (pencils, paper, etc.)
• Care of flowers
• Filling and cleaning the water dispenser
• Refilling and cleaning the coffee machine
• Supervised cleaning of the entrance, toilets and public areas
• Wiping and preparing tables and chairs

We have over 40 years of experience in the industry and are experts in cleanliness - contact us for ISO quality and environmentally certified housekeeping and workplace services.