Our certifications

Our head office is in Stockholm, and the operations are certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 and the quality standard ISO 9001:2015. MIAB also offers Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning services within premises and floor care. We work according to the Nordic standard for cleaning quality, SS 62 78 01 (INSTA 800). We are a member of the Almega cleaning companies and the Authorized Service Contractors trade association. All employees are covered by collective agreements, which means that we offer good conditions for salary, form of employment, working hours, holidays, notice period and much more.


The Swan is the Nordic region's official environmental label. The aim is to have a voluntary common Nordic environmental label, which contributes to reducing the burden that daily consumption places on the environment. The Nordic Ecolabel examines the environmental impact of goods and services during the entire life cycle from raw material to waste. There are strict climate and environmental requirements, but also requirements for function and quality.

ISO 14001 and 9001:2015

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard for environmental management systems and a tool for streamlining environmental work. The environmental management system includes, among other things, policy, goals and routines for reduced environmental impact

ISO 9001 is a management system standard for business processes of a company or an organization ISO 9001 contains fifty-eight requirements based on seven principles in the new version of ISO 9001 which was updated in 2015:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Employee engagement
  • Process orientation
  • Improvement
  • Fact-based decisions
  • Relationship management

Authorized service contractor

Almega Serviceentrepreneurna is an industry and employer organization that organizes companies that perform service contracting and special services. The organization checks and highlights cleaning companies that can be considered serious in the market based on a certain number of requirements, which upon approval become Authorized Service Contractors. A company can either only be a member of the Almega Service Contractors or both a member and an Authorized Service Contractor. The authorization is not a requirement, but it is a quality assurance for you as a consumer because an authorized company holds an F-tax certificate, a collective agreement and is debt-free.