MIAB is the industry's largest family-owned company.

Professional cleaning and workplace service with care is our core business. 

Every customer is equally important and we are keen on an ongoing dialogue as we value creating personal connection in every contact. The company was founded in 1979, which means that we have solid knowledge and experience of assignments from customers in most industries and businesses, including the healthcare sector, schools, preschools, offices, hotels, museums, shops, malls and shopping centers.

We have just over 4 employees and the group's turnover is approx. 800 billion annually. Our two main offices are in Stockholm and Turku and we have several local offices in Sweden and Finland.

Every employee makes a difference

Our employees are our most important resource and we make sure that everyone is seen and appreciated and gets a chance to grow in a safe company that is characterized by family care. Under the slogan "I matter", we let our employees know that they are important to us and to our customers. When everyone, in the entire organization, strives to do their job in the best way - it shows.

Development and leadership

Leadership is an important part of creating good working conditions and a good result. We recruit most people in leadership positions within the company, which creates opportunities for our employees to grow and develop, both as people and as leaders. We invest large resources in further training, for example the industry training SRY and our internal training Reclean.

We contribute to integration in Sweden

The gaps are growing in society and unemployment is increasing among new arrivals to Sweden. We think it is important to reduce exclusion and to offer a way into the Swedish labor market as an employer. We see the individual, the will and potential. We see diversity as enriching and are proud to have employees from many different countries.

Business Concept

With a close and personal service with care, MIAB delivers workplace service and facilty service. Our competent employees help companies and the public sector to create clean and pleasant environments in the Nordic market.


We want to be the industry's most personal and sought-after employer and partner, where people have the opportunity to grow and develop - together we help our customers to make everyday life easier

Our values ​​permeate everything we do


  • Flexibility for your needs
  • Personal contact person
  • Methods that minimize wear and take responsibility for the environment
  • Thoughtful care that is noticeable at all levels


  • Clear startup and operating process
  • Familiar faces and close dialogue
  • 40 years of experience and expertise
  • Continuous quality follow-ups


  • Close dialogue and customer contacts
  • Short decision paths for focus on results
  • Ongoing evaluation of all deliveries 
  • Systematic and continuous quality work