MIAB proudly receives the award Career Company 2023 from the organization Career Company together with 99 other organizations in Sweden.

MIAB AB is appointed as one of the Career Companies with the following justification by the jury:

"MIAB has a broad business that offers great opportunities to develop and grow. Despite its large size, MIAB creates a familiar corporate culture that both impresses and inspires. With a common goal in the organization, MIAB meets today's and future's needs for competence. A very attractive employer.”

- "We have over 2000 employees in Sweden and they are our most important asset. Employees who work close to our customers every day and who make a difference. This award is proof that the work we do daily to create a better workplace generates value, I am really so proud", says Richard Toppar, CEO at MIAB.

Since 2011, Karrierföretagen has presented Sweden's most attractive employers every year, where the selected can claim to be a Career Company for one year. All employers in Sweden have the opportunity to become a Career Company. Initially, the employer is required to meet our basic criteria and pass a selection process. In the process, the expert panel reviews and ensures that the employers fulfill what is required and that they carry out high-quality work in order to be an attractive employer from several aspects.

Source The career companies

In its work, the jury has evaluated the companies based on four parameters:

• Career pages on the web

• Presence and quality in social media

• Activities towards students and Young Professionals

• Attractiveness as an employer in external measurements

- We are in a very exciting phase as a company where we have strong growth in several business areas, while at the same time we are fully recruiting. Then of course it's fun to get this kind of attention. Our offer to create pleasant and safe working environments rests entirely on being able to attract the right talent for employment - Henrik Bentsen, HR manager for MIAB. 

If you would be interested in working at MIAB, you will find our vacancies here, we are looking for positions in several areas.

To read more about the organization Karrierföretat and the other 99 companies and organizations highlighted in this year's list, you can read more here. You will also find more information about how the selection process has looked and how the jury has reached its decision.


MIAB is the industry's largest family-owned company. Professional cleaning and workplace service with care is our core business. Every customer is equally important and we care about an ongoing dialogue and a personal approach in every contact. The company was founded in 1979, which means that we have solid knowledge and experience of assignments from customers in most industries and businesses, including the care sector, schools, preschools, offices, hotels, museums, shops, malls and shopping centers. We have just over 4 employees and the group's turnover is approx. 700 billion annually. Our two main offices are in Stockholm and Turku and we have several local offices in Sweden and Finland