MIAB gathers the group's joint offer on the market more clearly under the MIAB brand by clarifying N-Clean's affiliation with the company. N-Clean's main focus in the hotel and ship industries strengthens MIAB's offer as a comprehensive supplier of housekeeping and workplace services in the Nordic market.

At the beginning of 2019, MIAB became the majority owner of the local cleaning company N-Clean. The company has kept its name, but is now starting a gradual transition to MIAB, starting with clarifying the brand and the offer.

The purpose of the name change is to clarify the company's affiliation with MIAB and the group's overall offering.

N-Clean is the market leader in hotels and ships in Finland with customers such as Nordic Choice Hotels, Radisson, Holiday Club, Hilton, Tallink Silja Line and Scandic. By incorporating N-Clean even more clearly into MIAB, which is a well-known brand in Sweden, we see great opportunities to strengthen our position in these areas in Sweden as well.
- Mikaela Saikkonen, business area manager Hotels & Ships

The work to incorporate N-Clean into MIAB is ongoing and great importance is placed on clarity and highlighting all the synergies and profits the merger has for both customers and employees.

Our focus is to become an even stronger player in the Nordic local care market through growth in both the Swedish and Finnish markets. Together with N-Clean, we have an even broader offer to our existing and potential new customers and are thus even stronger in meeting the demand for cleaning services in the future. N-Clean's and MIAB's organizations also together have the best potential to realize this merger in an efficient and structured way.
- CEO Richard Toppar.

For more information contact:

Richard Toppar, CEO
070-335 53 45

Mikaela Saikkonen, Business Area Manager Hotels & Ships
070-739 09 86


MIAB is the local care industry's largest family-owned company. Professional cleaning and workplace service with care is our core business. Every customer is equally important and we are keen on an ongoing dialogue and personal treatment in every contact. The company was founded in 1979, which means that we have solid knowledge and experience of assignments from customers in most industries and businesses, including the healthcare sector, schools, preschools, offices, hotels, museums, shops, malls and shopping centers. We have just over 3 employees and the group's turnover is approx. 000 billion annually. Our two main offices are in Stockholm and Turku and we have several local offices in Sweden and Finland. 

About N-Clean Oy

N-Clean Oy is a Finnish service company that is nationwide in Finland and has operations in Stockholm, Åre and Nyköping in Sweden. N-Clean Oy was founded in 2004 and its subsidiary has been operating in Sweden since 2011. The company's turnover is approximately 40 million euros. The company has approximately 2 employees. In 000, N-Clean Oy was acquired by MIAB AB. www.nclean.fi