New hygiene training strengthens MIAB's position

MIAB is launching a new internal hygiene training to further strengthen its employees and the company in the health and care sector. Everyone who completes the training is certified, which means another stamp of quality for MIAB's customers going forward.

The purpose of the hygiene training, which is one of the parts of MIAB's training platform MIAB Learning, is to package all the experience and specialist competence MIAB has built up over the years in a pedagogical training that ensures quality and creates conditions for all the company's premises cleaners.

- As far as we know, it is a unique training for cleaning in care environments and the basis for the training is taken from SRY and Basala Hygienrutiner. This practical as well as theoretical knowledge strengthens our workforce and will result in an even better delivery, well-being of staff and happier customers, says Ulf Sjöberg, Business Area Manager Health & Care.

MIAB has extensive experience and specialist competence in cleaning for the health and care sector. The new hygiene training further strengthens its position in the industry. 

- We invest, grow and continuously take new ground in the industry. One of the most important building blocks in our continued development of the company is continuous skills development and MIAB Learning is a long-term investment to create the best possible conditions for all employees to succeed in their roles, says CEO Richard Toppar.

For more information contact:

Richard Toppar, CEO
070-335 53 45

Ulf Sjöberg, Head of Business Area Care & Care
070-919 22 22