MIAB certifies all janitors

Over 800 employees have started MIAB's training to become certified janitors. 

Through the training, MIAB can guarantee trained personnel and ensure that all the company's customers are offered the same quality and treatment. In addition, it is a way to increase competence, status and pride in the profession. 

The most important thing for us at MIAB is our employees. We want all our employees to develop and get a really good foundation to stand on. We have therefore developed a learning platform to certify all our janitors so that everyone works in the same way and so that everyone develops within the profession. In addition, the certification means a stamp of quality for all our customers - it is a way of ensuring that everyone works to the same standard. 

"Through this training, we can guarantee trained personnel and offer the same good quality to all our customers. It is also a way for us to raise the status and pride in what our janitors do on a daily basis. The training also creates security within the profession and contributes to new career opportunities. It's a win win for both our customers, employees and the company as a whole," says Anna Karlsson, who is responsible for training.

Miab way of Cleaning

MIAB Learning is the umbrella that includes all our training within MIAB and now we have started work on the first part, MIAB Way of Cleaning, to certify all cleaners. The MIAB Way of Cleaning is one of the most important and significant courses taught. The training is divided into 7 parts and contains both text and film clips, sound files and quizzes as well as physical meetings with trained instructors where the participants are validated on the practical knowledge. Right now, MIAB is carrying out a push with a focus on all employees getting their certificate. 

"Our company is our janitors, they are the most important thing we have. With this certified training, we want to create the best possible conditions for all our staff to increase their skills and be able to develop", continues Anna.

In the cleaning industry, there are not that many training courses, so the MIAB Way of Cleaning is a great and rare investment.

Follows industry standard

For MIAB, it is important to ensure that everyone works to the same standard and that everyone works the same way. It is crucial not only for quality, but also for ergonomics and the environment. In order to work as a janitor, it is advantageous to follow SRY, the Service industry's professional board's standard.

"We have started from SRY and created an equivalent education that is more accessible and not so complex and heavy. Our education is educational, easy to understand and almost entirely digital," says Anna.

Certified janitor

By making the training available digitally, it can be carried out on each individual person's terms, i.e. when there is time and via phone, tablet or computer. 

"The idea is that you should be able to complete the training at your own pace. You do one part and finish it before starting the next. We want the training to act as a small manual going forward that you can return to, delve into, and repeat chapters that were challenging, which increases the potential for the knowledge to stick", says Niklas Franzén, who is the project owner for MIAB Learning. 

When the physical meetings and the 7 parts are completed and approved, you receive a certificate that certifies that you have completed the training and that you are a certified Cleaning expert. 

"This will make Miab the company you call if you want cleanliness. In addition to having well-trained staff, we can also reach all employees in a simple and flexible way," continues Niklas.

Further development and constant learning

MIAB works with high ceilings and through the training platform we also want our employees to have the opportunity to be involved in developing and requesting material going forward.

"MIAB Learning is a long-term investment in competence development to create the best possible conditions for all employees and succeed in their roles. MIAB Learning is and will be one of the most important building blocks in our continued development of the company," says CEO Richard Toppar.

We are just getting started and it is such a fun journey to be a part of. 

- By everyone working the same way, we create a stronger team feeling. 
We work smart, with clear guidelines, which increases quality and minimizes damage. MIAB are our employees so we have to take care of each other, Anna concludes.